PUMA Pac Lines Up Buses to DNC Convention– Hillary Supporters Ready to Back McCain

Get on the bus!
PUMA Pac is raising money to send busses to Denver:

Puma PAC will be providing buses from New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Jacksonville, and Washington DC to bring Pumas from all across the country to Denver, starting on August 24th. Please help pay for these buses. Many Pumas will find it difficult to pay for getting the time off, motels, food etc. Let’s help as many Puma PAC members as we can join us in Denver. This is a special BUSES TO DENVER FUND. All donations made here will go EXCLUSIVELY to paying for buses. If we can raise enough to hire 100 buses, then hell yes we’ll do it. If 20,000 members each throw in $10 bucks for a free ride to Denver for a fellow Puma we’ll have enough for 500 buses. Grab your fanny packs and get your days off from work Pumas. We’ll have a mighty convoy to Denver rolling on August 24th!

Hat Tip Joshua

You can learn more on how to help Here.

Meanwhile Obama thugs continue to attack Hillary supporters.
Many of these Hillary backers who are now ready to back John McCain.
This comment is from a previous post:

I am Hillarysmygirl08 and this has been going on since March. I do not know who is behind this but the tactics are real. Obama and his thugs care nothing about race or party. He cares about destroying this country and if we do not work together Conservatives and Liberals, Democrats and Republicans, Whites and Blacks to elect Senator McCain.

We don’t want to take over your party we just want to make sure that Obama is not president. We like our party and we know you like your party. This year lets work together and pick up our old fight in four years. Our Country deserves it.

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