O'Reilly Calls McClellan a Liar About Calling & Feeding Him Talking Points!… Dares Him to Say It To His Face (Video)

Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan was back making the rounds on the talk shows this past week.
This time he told the liberal media hosts that during his time as White House Press Secretary he would call up Sean Hannity and Bill O”Reilly at FOX News and feed them talking points.
The liberal media ate it up.

O’Reilly called McClellan a liar on Monday night’s O’Reilly Factor.
O’Reilly dared the new liberal media darling to say that to his face:
(1 minute 29 seconds)

Don’t look for McClellan to be back on The O’Reilly Factor any time too soon.
He probably doesn’t want to embarrass himself again.
* * * * *

Exit Questions: So, do you think this is the last we hear from Scott McClellan? Would you be surprised if pops back up on the scene in a couple of months?
Would anyone be surprised if he turned out to be part of this year’s October Surprise?


UPDATE: McClellan retracts his lie about O’Reilly.

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