Obama Stops In Kuwait– Meets Minority Troops

Barack Obama and the two fellow antiwar senators he is traveling with touched down in Kuwait yesterday on their way to Afghanistan, a country Obama is visiting for the first time.

DVIDS has a report on his stop in Kuwait where he spoke briefly to the troops. He boldly insisted that he he supported their efforts even though he has consistently voted against their efforts. Obama is a leading antiwar democrat. But, he does support a civilian national security force.
(You certainly won’t hear that in the slobbering reports from the mainstream media.)

DVIDS also has video of his talk in Kuwait.

It’s pretty obvious that Obama left his campaign staffers at home.
Where’s all the white people?

Sen. Barack Obama speaks to servicemembers at the Zone 1 gym, Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, July 18. (DVIDS)

Sen. Barack Obama hangs out with servicemembers at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, July 18. (DVIDS)

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