Obama Boots Brown– Will hold HIS OWN Press Conference On Downing Street!

Barack Obama will do the unthinkable in London this week.
Obama will hold a press conference outside Downing Street… alone.
He does not want Prime Minister Gordon Brown with him.
The unpopular Prime Minister might spoil it.

Obama is afraid Gordon Brown will dim his glow. (CBS)
The Times Online reported:

Lest there be any illusions about the desired target audience for Obama’s trip, the foreign media, including the BBC, have been left on the Tarmac. Only American reporters are on board “Obama One” as his plane heads from one country to the next.

He will have a 45-minute meeting on Saturday morning with Gordon Brown followed by a press conference, which Obama will conduct on his own outside Downing Street in a blatant departure from the usual protocol.

There will be no Brown at his side to spoil the No 10 backdrop for American voters, even though it would be unthinkable for a British prime minister to appear in the White House Rose Garden without the president.

Brown will say a few words later in the day, once Obama has gone.

Hat Tip Obama’s Gaffes

Once again… His arrogance holds no bounds.

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