Obama Continues to Struggle With White Voters

Robert Novak reported today in The Washington Post on Barack Obama’s difficulty attracting white voters.

Obama, the most left-wing candidate the Democrats have nominated since George McGovern, lost several voters in Middle America after they realized that Barack and his wife Michelle had been sitting in a church pew for 20 years listening to sermons like this HERE.

That was some shocking, nasty stuff to dump on a stunned white America.
Most Americans aren’t familiar with pastors who G-damn the USA from the pulpit.

And, although Democrats think they successfully swept the Wright freakfest under the rug, there are still several white Americans who are having a hard time with a candidate who attends a G-damning America church and records racist rants against the white man like this:

It’s probably a safe bet to say that if you want to capture the white vote that you don’t go out and record racist rants about “white man’s greed” and you don’t blame the white man for all of the world’s problems.
But, that’s just me.

The WaPo reported:

Clearly, Obama has not yet convinced the people to accept a young, inexperienced African American as their president. Obama had virtually clinched the nomination when white working men in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia poured out to vote and comfortably delivered their states to Hillary Clinton. This was not because of unalterable affection for her.

Obama’s difficulty in reaching the 50 percent mark reflects an overwhelmingly white undecided vote of 10 to 15 percent.

These were the voters Obama was targeting when he ventured into the war zones to demonstrate his mettle as a future commander in chief. He looked good, sounded good and committed no serious gaffes. But sitting by the popular Gen. David Petraeus and disagreeing with his military judgment may not have been the way to win over undecided white working men.

Obama better hope that his dear father figure does not come back to haunt him come election time… Or, that another tape surfaces of him or his wife attacking whitey.

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