Murtha Does It Again!… Says US Troops Just Break Down Doors & Kill Innocents (Video)

What’s wrong with Pennsylvania?
Have they no shame?
How do they keep voting for this antiwar, anti-military detestable gasbag?
(Here’s some advice to wcbstv— Murtha is not a “strong defense advocate.” He is a selfish man who has made it a habit of slandering the US troops at war!)

Democrat John Murtha does it again
Murtha admits the surge is working but only because the terrorists “are worn out” and American troops aren’t just beating down doors and killing innocents!

Here’s the video:

A WilleyBCoyote Video.
Here is what Murtha says:


Murtha: I think they have 17 or so guidelines and they’ve solved 4 or 5 of them.
(Actually they’ve completed 15 of the 18 benchmarks.)

Murtha: I think the short term it (the Bush Surge) has reduced incidents. I’m not sure if it’s because the Iraqis are just worn out but certainly the way they are doing it today it makes a big difference. It used to be we broke down doors. We went in and we killed people inadvertantly. Now they’re much more careful about it.

And, just think…
This hateful boob is the national security “expert” in the Democratic Party!
Blackfive adds: “And they wonder why no one takes them seriously in those areas???”

And, Murtha still has not apologized to the 7 innocent Haditha Marines he accused of cold-blooded murder last time.

Let’s hope justice is served against this hateful man some day soon. Murtha put those Haditha Marines through hell these past few years and he isn’t man enough to apologize to them.
He is a coward.

UPDATE: Murtha’s opponent this year for Congress is Lt. Colonel William Russell a decorated combat veteran who has served in Desert Storm, the Iraq War, and the Pentagon on 9/11.
You can donate to his campaign HERE.

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