Loony McCaskill Blames Bush For Budweiser Takeover

It wasn’t that long ago that she blamed Bush for killing black people on rooftops in New Orleans.
Now she’s blaming Bush for the Budweiser takeover.
It’s all Bush’s (*hic*) fault.

Claire McCaskill with Willy Nelson in 2006 before he was arrested for pot and shrooms. (PUBDEF)

The AFP reported:

“I’m disappointed,” Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri said after the deal was announced creating the world’s biggest brewer.

McCaskill and others from the home state of Anheuser-Busch had opposed the sale to the Belgian-based firm, claiming the 150-year-old American icon and maker of Budweiser would be lost to foreign investors.

“Anheuser-Busch’s Missouri workforce will continue to make the company one of the best in the world, and I am going to do everything I can to make this new arrangement work for Missouri and the millions of Americans who love Budweiser,” said McCaskill.

“We need to remember that InBev could afford this All-American company because of the weak dollar created by the economic policies of the last seven years. It’s time for a change in our nation’s economic priorities.”

Is it really any wonder why Claire and Barack get along so well?

Hat Tip Allman and Crane

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