Classy– Obama Website Pictures McCain Bus With News On Alzheimer's

Only a Democrat could get away with such disgusting personal attack…

If such a vile attack was ever posted on a Republican website it would be the end of that politician’s political career.
Then again, if any conservative ever had a racist anti-Semitic pastor for 20 years he’d already be gone.
But, in today’s America… This is allowed because Obama, of course, is Democrat.

“The Good Thing About Alzheimer’s ….
This article was posted on – Jul 1st, 2008 at 11:10 am EDT


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Hat Tip Bill Nelson

Isn’t it interesting that the candidate with the several loony gaffes and outright lies is attacking McCain on age and forgetfulness?

If you’d ever watched someone close suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease, this is very hurtful.
Hopefully, there is someone at the Obama headquarters who has enough respect to remove this disgusting webpage.

It Has Begun… AP Labels McCain as “Old and Confused”

UPDATE: Grizzly Groundswell found another similar Obama webpage:
“John Mccain is unelectable – he has the symptoms of early alzheimer’s disease”
Hat Tip Larwyn

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