It Has Begun… AP Labels McCain as "Old and Confused"

The AP could wait no longer…

The Associated Press could hold out no longer. The race is too tight for them just to sit back and do nothing. It was past time that they stepped up to the plate for the 46 year-old global citizen who “can’t remember” his stand on the War in Iraq from last year.

John McCain’s caricature is being set: old man. He wisely goes along with the joke — why deny the obvious? — and tries to turn it into a plus. After all, “old” means experienced, especially when compared with a 46-year-old upstart.

…A series of gaffes, taken in such a context, has moved McCain toward that danger zone…

• In an interview with a Pittsburgh TV station on July 9, McCain recalled how he had resisted his Vietnamese captors by refusing to give up the names of his fellow Navy pilots. Instead, he said, he recited the defensive line of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Actually, McCain gave the names of Green Bay Packers. At least that’s what he claimed in a 1999 memoir.

That’s impressive.
The AP does know how to use Google after all.

The AP lists 5 McCain gaffes and then went on to talk about two of Obama’s lies. They discuss his tall tale about his uncle in Auschwitz but don’t report that he lied about it twice.


The AP also mentions Obama’s lie (separate from a gaffe) that “my banking committee” approved a Senate bill calling for divestment from Iran. They can’t come around to report the whole story though that Obama was not on the committee, didn’t sponsor the bill, didn’t vote on the bill and OPPOSED the bill.

And, of course, the AP could not report on Obama’s now daily lie where he claims that he said that “if you put 30,000 troops in, of course it’s going to have an impact.”
That would be too devastating for The Messiah- if people could he is a serial liar.

Nice work, AP.

UPDATE: Expect more reports like the one from the AP today in the next few months.

A new study released this week by Investor’s Business Daily shows that media donations favor Democrats 100-1:

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