Iraqi PM Backs Obama's Plan… Except He Wants to Win

In Barack Obama’s most important foreign policy decision in his brief career as a US Senator he was wrong.

If Barack Obama would have had his way Iraq would be lost to Al-Qaeda and Iran and the Middle East would be in complete turmoil. As Peter Wehner put it:

“Obama, was not only wrong about the surge; he was spectacularly wrong.

Instead, the War in Iraq is won and the US surge troops are returning home in victory.

So, what is the media supposed to do with their favorite son who shrugged at genocide in Iraq?
They’re going to play it off like Obama was right…
Reuters today announced that PM Maliki backs Obama troop exit plan.

Of course, the Prime Minister has that option today because the Bush Surge worked and the war is won.

** Here’s the correct translation for all of the libs out there.
Maliki says a withdrawal of troops in 16 months is possible if all continues to go well there.
He did not mention retreat.

If Bush would have listened to Obama Iraq would be a failure.
But, George Bush is not Barack Obama– George Bush is a winner.
Reuters can slap lipstick on that Obama pig all they want and they still have the same candidate-
A willing war loser.

LawHawk has more on the timetables.

UPDATE: Surprise!… Maliki was mistranslated- The media misreported his statements- again.
HotAir has more.

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