In the Obama Home… Santa Does Not Come at Chrstmas– He Delivers Seasonal Gifts

In Barack and Michelle Obama’s AmeriKKKa
Santa does not come at Christmas time.
He comes seasonally.

That is just strange. They must have picked that up from their 20 years at Trinity United and from their studies in black liberation theology, no doubt.

Oh, and the Obama’s do not give their children birthday presents but spend hundreds on slumber parties.
The Telegraph reported:

In a magazine interview Obama and his wife Michelle revealed that one of their steadfast house rules is not giving Christmas or birthday presents to Malia, 10, and Sasha, seven.

The couple explained that they spend “hundreds” on birthday slumber parties and want to “teach some limits”. Santa Claus is still permitted to deliver seasonal gifts however.

The girls are also given an allowance of just $1 (50p) a week for performing household chores, according to People magazine. Those chores include making their own bed, setting and clearing the dinner table and putting themselves to bed by 8.30pm.

On the campaign trail, Mr Obama has often spoken of the need for Americans to be “better parents” who aren’t afraid to “turn off the TV”.

He has also exhorted black males to be more responsible fathers.

Though he has been away “98 per cent of the time”, Mr Obama told People that before the campaign he did “the house and car repairs, the grocery shopping” and “sometimes the laundry”.

Hat Tip Bill Nelson


Once again this was reported in the British press.
This ought to go over well with the Evangelicals.

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