Hot Air… Obama Says Blowing Up Your Tires Would Save As Much Gas As Drilling For Oil

He just makes things sound so simple, doesn’t he?
He’s so smart!
I can finally see why they (media) jump and scream.

Why didn’t we just listen to Nancy Pelosi?
Drilling is a hoax.

Today, Barack Obama told an audience in southern Missouri that filling your car’s tires will save as much gas as drilling for oil here in the states.
(22 seconds)



Here’s the transcript:

There are things you can do individually, though, to save energy. Making sure your tires are properly inflated — simple thing. But we could save all the oil that they’re talking about getting off drilling — if everybody was just inflating their tires? And getting regular tune-ups? You’d actually save just as much!

That’s complete lunacy.

I’m not sure what it is but Obama goes to southern Missouri and says the goofiest things.

Once again… If he were a Republican the media would never let him live this howler down.

Senator Kit Bond says Obama is full of hot air.
That’s an understatement.

Power Line says, “Get this man a teleprompter!”

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