Happy Independence Day 2008!

The Largest Re-enlistment Ceremony in History–

U.S. soldiers stand at attention during a mass reenlistment ceremony in Baghdad July 4, 2008. More than 1200 soldiers were reenlisted in the U.S. military on Friday as part of a U.S. Independence Day celebration at al-Faw palace in Camp Victory. (REUTERS/Erik de Castro)

This letter was forwarded to me from a GP reader. It was sent to her husband’s unit in Afghanistan by the Polish Contingent Afghanistan:

Sent: Thursday, July 03, 2008 10:34 AM
Subject: 4th of July Greeting

Dear Friends,

Two hundred and thirty two years ago, when your forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence, they changed the history of the world. Thanks to their sacrifices the world realized the true meaning of freedom. Independence and freedom are powerful words in your country as they are in Poland. When the United States gained independence, Poland was in the process of slowly loosing portions of its borders to its neighbors. We appreciate your efforts towards a unified and independent United States of America because we know how difficult it is to regain freedom and independence. Today we can be very happy with living in independent countries. Today we fight together for freedom for people in other countries, like here in Afghanistan.

4th of July and Independence Day are identified in our country with aspiring to freedom and that is why we are so happy that we can celebrate this day with American soldiers signifying our common goals for peace and freedom.

Today we wish you and your nation a peaceful and happy day.

Polish Soldiers
Polish Military Contingent Afghanistan

Director Blue has a few good images for the Independence Day.
Jihad Watch shares a few words on defending freedom.

UPDATE: Cornhusker sends this greeting–

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