Former Hostage Marc Gonsalves Speaks Out Against FARC (Video)

The FARC are terrorists with a capital “T”… Most of the FARC are children and young adults. They have very little or no education. Many of them can barely read. Once they join they can never leave, because if they try they will be killed… Right now there are hostages being punished because we escaped. Right now they are wearing chains around their necks. They’re going to get up early tomorrow morning. They are going to put a heavy backpack on and they are going to be ordered to march with that chain on their neck while a guerrilla with an automatic weapon is holding the other end of his chain like a dog.”

Marc Gonsalves
Former FARC Hostage
July 7, 2008

Former FARC hostage Marc Gonsalves spoke out about his horrific experience as a FARC hostage in the Colombian jungle for 5 years.

Marc Gonsalves (L), one of three U.S. defense contractors freed on July 2 after five years as a rebel-held hostage in Colombia, celebrates with his family members during a news conference at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas July 7, 2008. (REUTERS/Joe Mitchell)

“There was a time that when I slept, I would dream that I was free. That time was only a few days ago.”
Marc Gonsalves speaks out against the FARC.
(6 minute 33 seconds)



Marc Gonsalves spoke out againt the FARC terrorist organization.
The AFP reported:

“They are not a revolutionary group. They are terrorists,” Gonsalves told a televised press conference from Texas, in his first public comments since being rescued by the Colombian army Wednesday along with 14 other hostages.

“They say that they want equality. They say that they just want to make Colombia a better place. But that’s all a lie. It’s a cover story, and they hide behind it,” Gonsalves said.

“And they use it to justify their criminal activity…. Their interests lie in drug trafficking, extortion, kidnapping. They refuse to acknowledge all human rights. And they reject democracy.”

Gonsalves, Thomas Howes and Keith Stansell were seized by Colombian rebels as they conducted an anti-drug mission for the US Defense Department in February 2003.

They were freed by the Colombian army on Wednesday, when commandos posing as rebels tricked the guerrillas into handing over their top hostages: the US trio, French-Colombian politician Ingrid Betancourt and 11 Colombian soldiers.

Let’s hope someone forwards this on to Nancy Pelosi and tells her to quit colluding with the FARC.

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