Finger Licking Victory– KFC Opens In Fallujah (Video)

Do you remember Fallujah? Yeah, KFC just opened shop there–
Face it, Democrats, this war is won.

Employees at a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant prepare chicken for Marines who stopped by to order food July 16. Increased security in the Hey Al Dubat area of Fallujah, Iraq, has allowed this restaurant and others to become popular eateries with local citizens. (DVIDS)

“Regular or Extra Crispy?”

Big Hat Tip Joshua

Let’s face it…
The Iraq War is won.


Joshua adds this:

Whenever I traveled into places like Belarus or Russia into remote areas and small towns in the 90’s to 2005 it was always interesting to find out how far the market had been penetrated by American franchises like McDonalds or KFC. It is an indication of a certain level of safety, cultural openess, and a legitimate government regulation, plus a population on the move.

Finger Licking Victory!

Local teenagers from the Hey Al Dubat area of Fallujah, Iraq, hang out during the afternoon near a Kentucky Fried Chicken July 16. Since the opening nearly seven months ago, the business has flourished and attracts many customers in the nearby area. (DVIDS)

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