"Fast Eddie" Obama Flips Again On Free Trade

Two weeks ago the RNC released an ad on “Fast Eddie” Obama’s many, many inconsistent statements on free trade:

How’s that for “change?”
Despite his “overheated and amplified” rhetoric during the Democratic primary, Barack Obama suddenly changed his mind and supported free trade two weeks ago.

But, of course, his previous flyers he sent out in Ohio didn’t say that.
Here is a anti-NAFTA flyer sent out by the Obama Campaign to Ohio voters in February saying:
“Only Barack Obama Consistently Opposed NAFTA.”

Obama Flyer from Ohio Daily Blog

He was against free trade, then two weeks ago Obama was for free trade again.
Now it looks like he’s back to being against free trade.
From the Road reported:

In an email to reporters, spokesman Tommy Vietor wrote, “Senator McCain’s trip to Mexico and Colombia just underscores his insistence on continuing George Bush’s failed economic policies that have left nearly 2.5 million more workers unemployed—including unfair trade deals that have been written by lobbyists.”

The unfair trade deals he is talking about are those free trade deals that have helped the American economy significantly.

It looks like this week Barack Obama is against free trade again.

Obama the Politician– Suddenly, NAFTA Looks Like a Grand Idea
STUNNING!!… RNC BLASTS Obama On Free Trade (Video)

UPDATE: President Bush today addressed those concerns of our international partners that America is becoming a protectionist nation:

Yes. Well, we’re strong-dollar people in this administration and have always been for a strong dollar, and believe that the relative strengths of our economy will reflect that. One thing we need to make clear when I’m with our partners is that we’re not going to become protectionists; that we believe in free trade and open markets. One of the fears around the world is the United States becomes a protectionist nation.

Good for Bush.

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