Dem VP Candidate Edwards Caught With Mistress & Love Child

John Edwards has a wife at home suffering from cancer.

(National Enquirer)
Democratic VP candidate John Edwards was caught meeting his mistress and love child at a hotel in LA this week:

The married ex-senator from North Carolina – whose wife Elizabeth continues to battle cancer — met with his mistress, blonde divorcée Rielle Hunter, at the Beverly Hilton on Monday night, July 21 – and the NATIONAL ENQUIRER was there! He didn’t leave until early the next morning.

Rielle had driven to Los Angeles from Santa Barbara with a male friend for the rendezvous with Edwards. The former senator attended a press event Monday afternoon with L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on the topic of how to combat homelessness.

Knowing democrats, this ought to boost his chances for the VP slot.

Micky Kaus wonders if this will be the first presidential-contender level scandal to occur completely in the undernews, without ever being reported in the cautious, respectable MSM?

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