Busted!… Nazi Sympathizer Pat Buchanan Accused of Plagiarism, Hacked Quotes & Wrong Dates

Digital Survivors researched Nazi-sympathizer Pat Buchanan’s latest novel and found several problems with the content.

The problems include:
** Hacked quotes to provide a different meaning. Buchanan even adds emotion to what was said to help push the alternative history.
** Plagiarized maps
** Wrong dates

Here is one instance where a map in Buchanan’s book appears to be plagiarized:

Buchanan’s map is first. Gilbert’s map is second. (Click the pictures for a larger size)

In Patrick J. Buchanan’s Churchill, Hitler, and “The Unnecessary War”, he uses a map (Buchanan, p. 82) to show how Germany was carved up after the Treaty of Versailles. There is another map (Gilbert, p. 144) in a book by Martin Gilbert that appears very similar.


** Similar topic: “Germany After Versailles” and “Germany in Defeat” both showing how Germany was carved up after World War I

** Same region focus

** Same key in the mid-left region to show “Principal German Losses”. Wording and terminology is the same.

** Same key on the lower right-hand side. Buchanan even uses the same coloring method. Solid color for territory lost, stripes for territory retained, and territory retained with no fortifications.

** The same cities and regions all have sub-text. In some cases, it’s the exact same text.

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