Bummer… Obama Forgets To Ask For Donations For Hillary At Unity Event!

Today’s Hope, Change and Unity…

A glorious Democratic “Unity” event was held last night in New York City.
The event was intended to be a donations drive for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to pay off part of the $23 million in debt.
Obama was supposed to ask his loyal donors to support Hillary.
…But he forgot.

After giving a rousing unity speech to his loyal supporters, Barack Obama thanked the crowd and walked off the stage as the music started playing.
“Cut the Music!”
But, noticing that he forgot to ask for donations, Obama rushed back on stage, cut the music and begged for cash for his former foe.
Here’s the video via HotAir:

Too much!

Evidently, Obama’s pleading did not persuade those in attendance.
The room was littered with donation envelopes after the event.

UPDATE: More Hope, Peace and Unity– A top Obama fundraiser has made it clear that the NONE of the money raised at an upcoming Obama event will be going to Hillary Clinton. Nice.

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