Barack Bashes FOX News… Asks If Commander In Chief Gets to Choose Channels!… Seriously!


— He asks if the Commander in Chief gets to choose which channel the troops get to watch!!
And, this antiwar snob wants to be president?
He actually could not understand why US troops would choose to watch FOX News which was on wherever he went.
That’s not just arrogant, that’s nuts!

This guy really wants to be king of the world!

Obama thinks the reason that US troops watch FOX News is some kind of Bush conspiracy? He must really be out to lunch if he thinks the troops would rather watch liberal media talking heads bash them all day over fair and balancd coverage.


Atlas Shrugs has more including– “He complained everywhere he went that they had FOX News on.”

Here’s the video:

Hat Tip Larwyn

UPDATE: HotAir has the follow-up to this story– “Major Garrett: If Obama spent more time visiting troops, he’d know they don’t only watch Fox News”

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