Back At the Pulpit Obama's Favorite Priest Thanks Farrakhan

Sometimes it’s hard to hide from your racist past.
Although, racist Father Pfleger was scrubbed from Obama’s website he’s still out there ranting against whitey and America and praising Jew-hater Louis Farrakhan.

Pfleger campaigned for Obama in Iowa and counselled Obama but was later scrubbed from his website.

Obama’s spiritual counsellor, Father Pfleger, returned to the pulpit at St. Sabina in Chicago after a short suspension by Cardinal George for his racist remarks against Hillary Clinton.
It was a packed house.
Final Call reported:

He thanked the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and other leaders for words of encouragement and assured parishioners he remained “committed to the gospel of justice.”

His sermon was devoted to the theme of making a comeback and the priest vowed to do more—starting with church services in the streets. As ushers passed out fliers featuring boxer Muhammad Ali and the slogan, “Ain’t nothing like a comeback,” Father Pfleger expressed a determination to withstand opponents and even death threats.

When you challenge injustice and racism, “you will have a YouTube moment,” Father Pfleger said. He was referring to clips of a speech at Trinity United Church of Christ about racism that was excerpted and broadcast over the internet. Cardinal Francis George suspended Father Pfleger June 3 after a media firestorm over his remarks about Mrs. Clinton, White privilege and entitlement. The controversy that followed led to condemnation from Democratic Presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama and his resignation from Trinity United Church of Christ.

“Stumbles will shake you. Stumbles will also purify you. They will cause you to ask yourself what really matters,” Father Pfleger told the audience. He urged parishioners to recommit to joining him as a cadre of activists committed to meeting challenges without fear.

The true legacy of the church, seen in the lives of the prophets and Jesus Christ, is an activism that challenges injustice, Father Pfleger said.

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