US Congress Is Accused of Funding Regime Programs in Tehran

The National Iranian American Council (NIAC) reportedly spent U.S. Congressional funds on regime-affiliated agencies in Tehran!

The Foundation for Democracy in Iran reported the stunning news last week that US Congressional funds were being spent, through NIAC, to train regime officials at a state-affiliated agency in Tehran:

In stunning revelations that appeared in Frontpage Magazine recently, Iranian research Hassan Daioleslam reveals that the National Iranian American Council used money from a 2002 grant from the National Endowment for Democracy to train officials at an Iranian state-affiliated agency in Tehran, contrary to the stated purpose of the NED grant.

While the money was appropriated by Congress to promote civil society in Iran, NIAC “spent these funds on trivial activities aimed at enhancing false-flag Iranian NGOs, that were in fact managed and controlled by Iranian Deputy Ministers or high level officials – making a mockery of the term “Non-Governmental,” Daioleslam writes. Among the Tehran-based “NGO’s that were assisted by NIAC under the NED grant was an outfit called Hamyran, which “is not an NGO but a government initiated false flag agency… managed by the deputy minister and undersecretary of health, Hossein Malek-Afzali,” Dailoleslam added. A second “NGO” aided by NIAC under the NED grant was the Family Planning Association, also headed by Malek-Afzali and Iranian government official Safieh Afshari.

Trita Parsi is the President of NIAC. Trita studied under Barack Obama’s controversial advisor, and Iranian regime favorite, Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski.


NIAC responded to these accusations by filing a defamation lawsuit against Hassan Daioleslam. NIAC says that since early 2007 Daioleslam has mischaracterized NIAC’s anti-war and pro-diplomacy activities as serving the interest of the Iranian government:

…His writings have mostly appeared on right-wing blogs and in neo-conservative outlets.

NIAC welcomes a substantive debate on issues concerning Iranians Americans. It has repeatedly asked Daioleslam to engage in a constructive dialogue, but despite NIAC’s efforts, Daioleslam has continued to do nothing but defame NIAC through defamation, slander misquotations and false linkages to entities and figures that have played no role in NIAC’s inception, operations or development.

The decision to pursue legal action against Daioleslam has been motivated by NIAC’s strong conviction that the undemocratic practice of using defamation and character assassination to achieve political ends must be eradicated in order for the Iranian-American community to fully mature politically and play a strong role in American democracy.

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