Thankfully- Some Zimbabweans Are Managing Just Fine

While her husband was making a scene at the UN global food summit, Mrs. Robert Mugabe was able to get out and enjoy herself in Rome.
This is London reported:

Her husband’s presence at a UN summit of food has sparked an international outcry, but that hasn’t diverted Grace Mugabe from indulging in her favourite pastime – shopping for shoes.

The 44-year-old was whisked away from the luxury hotel where she, her husband and his entourage are staying to splash out on luxury footwear.

Mrs Mugabe has to make the most of her time in Rome, an EU travel ban means she might not be back any time soon.

Mrs. Mugabe only wears Farragamo.

Grace Mugabe (on left) leaves her hotel in Rome with her bodyguards at the start of her shopping trip. And on right, Mrs Mugabe tried to keep a low profile as she left a luxury shoe shop in Central Rome. She only will wear Farragamo. (This is London)

Meanwhile back home in Zimbabwe… The former breadbasket of Africa spirals to hell with an inflation rate running at an estimated 3,700%, an unemployment rate at 80%, and tens of thousands homeless.
Street children in the capital Harare find their sleep:

Secret Lives: Street children asleep. The glass-fronted building in the background is The Reserve Bank, Robert Mugabe’s symbol of power. Harare, Zimbabwe. May 2007. (Guardian)


Secret Lives: Murambitsvina, also translated as ‘clean up the filth’ continues. Street children are picked up by police and dumped miles out of town to discourage them from being on the street. Harare. May 2007 (Guardian)

One textbook between four children.
“This school has met its government targets of providing one text book for every four of its students.”
(Sokwanele Gallery)

Not to mention… The Mugabe regime is arresting the opposition members, banning their rallies and suspending aid groups from operating.
But, some people are managing just fine.

Hat Tip Bruce Kesler

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