San Fran Mayor Newsom Takes On NRA & Gay Hate Crime Victim

Here’s a twist
NRA Defends Gay Man Against Hate Crimes– Files Suit Against San Francisco

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom vowed to fight the lawsuit filed by the NRA and a gay man who says he needs protection from hate crime attacks.
ABC 30 reported:

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is promising to fight a lawsuit filed Friday morning by the National Rifle Association. The gun advocacy group is seizing upon Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling to try to overturn a San Francisco handgun ban.

The NRA is targeting San Francisco’s gun laws– just one day after a historic Supreme Court ruling. Gun advocates filed a lawsuit on Friday, aiming to overturn the city’s ban on guns in public housing.

The NRA seems emboldened by the courts decision on our freedom to bear arms. Now they’ve set their sights on state and local bans.

…The unnamed San Francisco resident named in the lawsuit is a gay man who says he needs a weapon to protect himself against hate-related attacks.

The NRA suit doesn’t challenge laws requiring that guns be kept in lock boxes and have trigger locks.
Ed Morrissey looks at Newsom’s cluelessness.


Say Anything points out the irony.

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