Rep. Jeb Hensarling On Mortgage Scandal: "9 Out of 10 Are Democrats"

Senator Dodd (D-Conn) Now Says He Didn’t Know VIP Meant Perks!

Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) called for a Congressional investigation into the Countrywide Congressional Mortgage Scandal on Tuesday. Hensarling is the chairman of the Republican Study Committee, a conservative bloc that represents more than half the House GOP membership

The Texas representative is wondering why Speaker Pelosi, who said she wanted “the most open and ethical Congres in history”, will not hold an investigation?
…Could it be because 9 out of the 10 members involved in the scandal are Democrats?


Rep. Jeb Hensarling appeared on Hannity and Colmes on Tuesday to discuss the sweetheart scandal that involves Senators Conrad and Dodd, both Democrats, who were caught in the loan sleaze this past week.
Hensarling was very poised considering he was constantly interrupted:
(2 minutes 53 seconds)

Rep. Hensarling was excellent! If you have not been following this growing scandal, Hensarling explains it well in the video.

Two influential Democratic senators and a former Clinton official were caught in a loan sleaze this past week.

Nutroots favorite Senator Chris Dodd (D-Con.) on right, and Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND), on left, received special loans that saved them thousands of dollars.
Not only that, but Countrywide also contributed $21,000 to Sen. Dodd’s campaigns.
But, Senators Dodd and Conrad insist they are innocent!

In fact, Dodd says he viewed the mortgage treatment as a courtesy and that he didn’t know VIP meant perks!!

Senator Dodd is chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, while Senator Conrad is chairman of the Budget Committee and a member of the Finance Committee.

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