Ralph Peters: Iraqi Government Outperformed US Congress Last Year (Video)

Ouch! That has got to hurt.

Military analyst and New York Post reporter Ralph Peters blasted the liberal media tonight on Geraldo At Large for ignoring the great success in Iraq.

Peters correctly noted that last year even the Iraqi government passed more pieces of major legislation than the very unpopular Pelosi-Reid Congress:
(1 minute 42 seconds)

Is it any surprise then that more Iraqis believe they are on the right track than Americans do!… Iraqis: 43% say Iraq is going well while 17% of Americans say USA on right track.
-Via Instapundit.


It is interesting that when the surge started to show signs of success Iraq suddenly disappeared from the front pages of the US newspapers and the nightly network newscasts.
In fact network news devoted to Iraq dropped 92% in the last year.

And, Don’t Miss… Ralph Peters today in the New York Post listing the top lies by the Left on the War on Terror.
There’s a great photo to go with his “LIAR’S ROUND-UP”

Peters nails it.

Finally– There is a strong voice out there that is starting to pound the Left on their abusive tactics and lies.

UPDATE: TwoLaneFlash put it best in the comments:

“Build a new Iraq. There’s an idea for you. One with a degree of personal freedom never known in the region. A nation of laws, not a nation of inherited power-holders, military dictators, and mad mullahs. A Tree of Liberty is planted in The Garden of Eden, by free people. They must still fight to build. Hopefully, the Iraqi people will do better about eliminating their internal enemies than we in America.”

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