Ouch!… Major Eric Egland Blasts Al-Qaeda Supporter Bill Delahunt

Major Eric Egland, the founder of Troops Need You, responded to the outrageous remarks by Representative Bill Delahunt (D-Mass), who said on CSPAN that he was “glad (Al Qaeda) can finally see” a certain White House official.

Egland says, “Our troops are risking their lives around the world to fight Al Qaeda, so our government should support them by taking the threat seriously.”

This weekend Major Eric Egland released this important message responding to Democrat Bill Delahunt:
(46 seconds)

Major Eric Egland who has gone after Al-Qaeda in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bosnia said this:


“I was angry when I heard a US Congressman tell a White House official how glad he was that Al-Qaeda could finally see him on TV. You know, inviting Al-Qaeda to target a fellow American, even sarcastically, is wrong, let alone from the very capital thta Al-Qaeda targeted on 9-11. Have we forgotten who the real enemy is?”

Please take action as recommended at the end: Call your representative in Congress and demand that Delahunt apologize from the floor of the House for what he did.

Please call now: (202) 224-3121

It’s Settled Then… Rep. Delahunt (D-MA) Finally Proves That Dems Are Not Just Anti-American– They’re Pro-Al-Qaeda

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