Obama's Spiritual Guide Fr. Pfleger Insists: "I'm Not Changing"

He was there for Barack Obama when he needed him.
After the Illinois senator finally threw his pastor under the bus, it was Father Michael Pfleger, a racist unhinged radical friend of 20 years, who Obama turned to for solace.

Once again here are the healing words of Fr. Pfleger:

“America Is The Greatest Sin Against God”

On Monday Father Pfleger was back at work at St. Sabina Parish in Chicago after a two week wristslap by Cardinal George for his racist attacks on Hillary Clinton.
And, rather than seeing the error in his ways, Father Pfleger insists, “I’m not changing.”
The Chicago Tribune reported:


Two weeks after his controversial sermon on race sparked a national uproar, Rev. Michael Pfleger returned Monday to his office at St. Sabina Catholic Church, expressing gratitude to Cardinal Francis George and saying activism would always be a part of him.

Pfleger said he would wait to make further comments until mass Sunday, when he plans to address his entire congregation for the first time since George suspended him. St. Sabina, one of the most vibrant Catholic churches in the city, is predominantly African-American and draws nearly 2,000 worshipers.

“I’m good. I’ll speak Sunday and give my talk then,” Pfleger said as he sifted through a desk full of papers. “I’m grateful to be back and to do what I’m called to do. I’m grateful to the cardinal for letting me back.”

When asked if he was the same “Michael Pfleger” as before, he said: “I’m me. I’m not changing. This is how I’ve been since I’ve been born. I’m not changing.”

We look forward to your sermon to the St. Sabina flock on Sunday, Father.
And, peace be with you.

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