Obama's Name Comes Up in Unsealed Rezko Court Documents

Prosecutors were ready to call witnesses to testify about convicted felon Antoin “Tony” Rezko’s ties to Sen. Obama.
News Alert and The Politico reported:

The Sun-Times reports today that prosecutors prepared to call witnesses who would flesh out the ties between Barack Obama and Tony Rezko, and Ken Vogel sends over the court document in which they detailed the planned testimony.

The testimony wouldn’t have covered new ground, just detailed Rezko’s support for Obama and his apparently illegal contributions, which have since been returned.

I’d been told by people involved in the case in Chicago that prosecutors had made preparations for Rezko to call Obama as a defense witness.

Rezko Watch has more.

And, Rezko Watch also reported on the Blagojevich-Rezko connections today.
Hat Tip Larwyn

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