Obama Threatens to Prosecute Iraq War Criminals

Charles Johnson reports that the Barack Obama website is threatening to prosecute all “Iraq War criminals.”

To the Far Left crowd that means the evil Mr. Booosh and his Rovian lackeys.
Here is the pdf from the Obama website:

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Obama’s vision for Iraq includes the brazen plan of scrapping the current Constitution (Point 2) that was already voted on and approved (78% of Iraqis voted for the Constitution) by the Iraqi people. He would then bring in the UN, the same organization that raped the Iraqi people in the Oil for Food Scandal, to draft a new document:

Call for a new Constitutional Convention in Iraq, convened with the United Nations, which would not adjourn until Iraq’s leaders reach a new accord on reconciliation.

And, then in Point 5 Barack would prosecute the war criminals (Americans):

Take immediate steps to confront the humanitarian disaster in Iraq, and hold accountable any perpetrators of war crimes.

The Obama camp obviously believes that America is the problem. In their eyes, if America leaves the violence will end. The Far Left Obama Camp believes the Iraqis should handle things; if the country erupts into a mass slaughter of innocents, so be it.

There truly is a difference in the two major parties:

** George Bush and Republicans prosecuted the Butcher of Baghdad, Saddam Hussein, Chemical Ali and the other mass murdering Baathists.

** Meanwhile, on the Far Left, Barack Obama wants to prosecute George Bush, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove for Abu Ghraib(?) and the horrible “torture” of water-boarding(?)

LGF has much more on the anti-American, anti-Semitic webpages posted at Barack Obama.com.

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