Obama Catches Hillary On Third Try– Says Party Can Be United

He left two voicemails yesterday.

But, Barack Obama was finally able to catch Hillary Clinton on the phone. He told reporters today that he was sure that he could reunite the party after the bruising battle.
He is the Messiah after all.

Barack and Michelle “punch” it. (Reuters)
The AP reported:

Barack Obama spoke directly with his vanquished rival Hillary Rodham Clinton on Wednesday and expressed optimism they could achieve party unity after their bruising battle for the Democratic presidential nomination. He also accused Republican rival John McCain of supporting a “plan for staying, not a plan for victory” in Iraq.

As he traded jabs with McCain over national security policy, Obama visited the Senate where Democrats and Republicans shook his hand and congratulated him. The Illinois senator disclosed he had spoken with Clinton, who was not in the Senate, earlier on the day after he claimed the nomination and she stopped short of conceding.

“I just spoke to her today, and we’re going to be having a conversation in coming weeks. And I’m very confident how unified the Democratic party’s going to be to win in November,” Obama told reporters as he left the Senate.

Asked if Clinton indicated she planned to concede, Obama replied, “It wasn’t a detailed conversation. As I said, I’m very confident of how we’re going to be able to bring the party together.” He dismissed a question about her refusal to concede after the final two primaries Tuesday night by saying she was “understandably focused on her supporters.”

Don’t tell us.
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Convince them.

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