Mexican Army Members Raid Phoenix Home & Shoot Man Dead

Mexican Mercenaries Raid Phoenix Home…

On Sunday night, Andrew Williams was shot to death at his home near 83rd Ave. and Encanto in Phoenix, Arizona.

(FOX News Phoenix)
According to a police report, 25-year-old Manual Garcia-Trejo, Daniel Garcia-Saenz, 24, and Rodolfo Madrigal Lopez, 19 each face a charge of 1st degree murder in Williams’ death. (ABC 15)

Police reports show that the 3 men are (were?)Mexican army members.
Here is one of the police documents via KFYI on the murder in Phoenix Monday:

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The police memo reads:


“Information from one of the suspects on McDowell indicated all the suspects are Mexican military coming into the United States with full tactical gear and police raid shirts to conduct home invasions. According to the same suspect, they were planning on ambushing the officers following them but didn’t only because they didn’t have any ammunition left. Homicide responded and took dispo. BE CAREFUL!”

There were rumors about this incident earlier in the week.
Now, it is being reported that Mexican army members broke into a home in Phoenix, Arizona and shot a man dead.
KFYI and Drudge reported:

The suspects may have been hired by drug cartels to perform home invasions and assassinations in the U.S.

Police reports show that three men arrested in a Phoenix home invasion and homicide Monday may have been active members of the Mexican Army.

While on the J.D. Hayworth show, Phoenix Law Enforcement Association President Mark Spencer said that the men involved were hired by drug cartels to perform home invasions and assassinations.

The Monday morning incident at 8329 W. Cypress St. resulted in the death of the homeowner. Between 50 and 100 rounds were fired at the house.

Spencer said a police officer told him that one of the men captured said they were completely prepared to ambush Phoenix police, but ran out of ammunition.

He added that all were all dressed in military tactical gear and were armed with AR-15 assault rifles. Three other men involved in the invasion escaped.

Police say there was evidence that marijuana was being sold from the home.

Do you suppose the Left will raise holy hell over these army trained mercenaries?
…Me neither.

UPDATE: There was another incident in Phoenx on Thursday. Men wearing police uniforms broke into another home and pistol whipped two “coyotes.”

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