Liberal Media Frenzy Builds Against US Troops

Move America Forward sent out the headlines today from the anti-American media.

The mainstream media did not learn a thing from the scandalous Haditha story. To this day they continue to pump out the terrorist propaganda for the enemy.
And, people wonder why the world has problems with America?

When will the liberal media stop their anti-American anti-military propaganda?
What has to happen before these Leftists become responsible news outlets?
Today, instead of reporting news they grab on to any anti-military hit piece no matter how ridiculous and run with it.
But, even considering current media standards, today’s reports were way over the top.
This is from Move America Forward:


Here we go again – our American military men & women are once again coming under attack from foreign critics and U.S. media outlets. It’s a pattern that keeps repeating itself with the news media constantly working to undermine the missions of American military men and women – driven out of their contempt for the War on Terror. It’s got to stop!

You need to read the hateful attacks against our troops below. You’ll realize why we are fighting back against the media and telling our troops they have the support of Americans via our massive care package shipment effort at

Liberal journalists naively believe that if we just appease the terrorists, accede to their demands, and treat them kindly, then they will love America and our values. Their dangerous ignorance is no excuse for the never-ending propaganda campaign they’ve waged against our troops. Here’s just a small sampling of headlines from the attacks on our troops that have been published — in just the past 24 hours:

“Evidence US Military Tortured Detainees”

“Abuse of detainees routine at US bases in Afghanistan”

“Bush Administration Committed “War Crimes”

“Former prisoners still feeling effects of US abuse, report says”

“Long-term Harm From US Torture”

PBS News Hour:
“Report Details Alleged Abuse of Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib Detainees”

…and it should therefore be no surprise that the headline on the Al Jazeera website today is this: “US-Held Terror Suspects ‘Abused'”

The media has given our enemies exactly what they wanted. The worst part is this: our troops, who are more than 7,000 miles away from home, will return to base later today and see these news reports. Yet another wave of hateful attacks from journalists who could never hope to muster even one-fourth the bravery, integrity and patriotism that are embodied by our American military men and women.

This is precisely why we at Move America Forward have traveled to Iraq 3 times now to tell our troops we support them. And it is why we are engaged in our current campaign to send the largest care package shipment to U.S. troops in history. We need for our troops to know that the liberal, anti-military media does not speak for us.

You can support Move America Forward and our troops by going here.

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