Keep It Classy Dems… HuffPo Writer Calls McCain a Coward

Keeping It Classy Democrats…
Huffington Post writer and Far Left nutjob Seth Grahame-Smith brings the empty campaign of hope and change down a notch by proclaiming that former POW John McCain is a coward.

Smith put together a list of 6 things that aren’t change.
Via Power Line Forum here is number 6:

6. Cowardice – No one can ever take away the heroic truth that John McCain sat in a cell for five torturous years on behalf his country. He was a brave young man. But somewhere between Hanoi and Washington, that brave young man became an old pandering coward. For eight years, we’ve watched McCain suckle the teat of his political idol, George W. Bush. Especially sickening, given the fact that Bush is the same man who tried to destroy McCain’s family in the 2000 primaries. The same man who went after his daughter. And yet, because it was politically convenient to do so, John McCain threw his arms around Bush and never let go. Threw his arms around a man he didn’t even vote for. A man he secretly hated with a passion he scarcely knew he was capable of. To some, that merely makes John McCain a ruthless opportunist or a terrible father. In my eyes, it makes him a coward. How can a man who won’t even stand up for his family stand up for our country? How can a man who was too afraid to stand his ground against a joke like Bush stand his ground against brutal dictators? My fellow Americans…

That’s not change we can believe in.

For a camp that is pushing “change” that sounds like more of the same old personal attacks that the Democratic Party is known for.
Don’t look for them to let up any in the weeks ahead.

Talk about change: It sure is interesting to watch Democrats attack McCain now after praising him for standing up against Bush and conservatives for years.
Now that’s change!


More… Here’s a bit of information for Democrats– Obama votes the party line three times as much as McCain does.
So is your Messiah a coward, too?

UPDATE: Meanwhile, the Left’s leading blog Daily Kos continues to attack Jews.

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