Iranian Regime Hangs 17 Year-Old Youth In Sanandaj Prison

The regime in Iran hanged a 17 year-old youth on Tuesday for a crime he committed when he was 14.

Mohammad Hassanzadeh was the first youth executed by the regime since they hung a young girl in 2004.
Iranian Rooz News reported:

‎On Tuesday June 10, 2008, Mohammad Hassanzadeh (Mohammad Hassan-Zadeh), a 17-year old adolescent who had ‎been sentenced to death was hanged in a Sanandaj prison in Southwest Iran.‎

According to a source in Sanandaj familiar with the case, Mohammad Hassanzadeh was ‎sentenced to death when he was 15 years old. He was one of two adolescents on the death ‎row in the Sanandaj prison who was hanged on Tuesday, as the other prisoner awaits the ‎execution of his sentence. This source also mentioned that there were three other ‎adolescents waiting for their death sentence whose cases are very similar to these two. ‎

After a 16-year old girl named Atefe Sahaleh was executed in 2004 in the northern town ‎of Neka, Mohammad (born in 1991) is the first person who was given the death sentence ‎while he was still under 18 and whose execution too was while he had not passed that age ‎group. There have been other under-18 year-old youth sentenced to death in Iran, but ‎their death sentences were not executed until they had reached that age because of ‎international pressure over Iran’s violations of human rights and the rights of children. ‎International conventions and agreements, to which Iran is also a signatory, call for ‎countries not to sentence anyone to the death penalty under the age of 18 years.‎

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