Getting to Know Michelle Obama on "The View"

The women on “The View” sat down with Michelle Obama yesterday.

Guest Michelle Obama (3rd L), wife of presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama (D-IL), appears on ‘The View’ in New York June 18, 2008. From left to right are hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Obama, Sherri Shepherd, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Barbara Walters.(Steve Fenn/Reuters)

The hosts told Mrs. Obama they had “a hundred questions” right when the show started.
You’d think maybe one of these might have come up in discussion:

— How’s Jeremiah Wright?
— How are your friends at Trinity Church?
— How often did your Jeremiah Wright swear at the pulpit?
— How often did he “G-Damn America” in church?
— Did this offend you?
— You kept with this church for 20 years- how?
— What do you think of the new pastor Moss?
— Do you have a problem with his angry rants, too?
— Do ALL black Americans attend churches like Trinity as the media said?
— You talk about racism. Do you feel your church was racist?
— Do you support Hamas like your church?
— Do you support Hezbollah like your church?
— Do you think the Jews made an ethnic bomb to kill blacks and Arabs?
— Do you think Italians look down their “garlic noses?”
— Do you think our nation’s founding fathers were “fondling fathers?”
— Do you think Thomas Jefferson is a rapist, too?


— Do you believe this country was founded on racism like your husband?
— Did it bother you when your husband compared his white grandmother to Rev. Wright?
— Did it bother you when your husband compared a conservative senator to Rev. Wright?

— Do you still talk with the Jew-hating Khalidi family?
— How often did you have dinner with them?
— Was he a former PLO operative?
— Do you hate Israel?
— What do you think of Mrs. Khalidi?
— How come you and your husband surround yourself with so many Jew-haters?

— How is Bill Ayers?
— How often did you get to spend time with him and his terrorist wife?
— Do you support FARC like the Ayers family?
— How about their Marxist ideology?
— Did they ever talk about their bombings?
— Will you ever disclose just how far back you and Barack go with these two?
— Does it bother you that they still hate America?
— Does it bother you that they are non-repentant terrorists?
— How many times did Barack serve on a panel with Bill?
— Did you set this up?

— How’s Father Pfleger?
— You’ve known him for 20 years, too?
— Does your husband still counsel with him?
— Do you believe “America is the greatest sin” too?

— How was your job at the hospital?
— Did you arrange the fat check that Barack gave the hospital?

— How mean is America?
— Are you proud of your country now?
— When did you become proud of America?
— Do you believe we’re a nation of cynics, sloths, and complacents?
— Do you believe we’re a we’re a divided country?
— Do you believe we’re “just downright mean?”
— Do you believe we’re just guided by fear?
— How did you get into Princeton since your test scores were not high enough?
— Why do you still have a chip on your shoulder about this?

— How are your children?

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