Gaddafi: "Arab World Ready to Finance & Back Obama"

Obama may not be getting those Tennessee Democratic leaders to endorse him but he sure has the tinpot dictators in the Arab World juiced for some “change.”
Today, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi pledged the Arab world’s support to Obama.
MISNA and Religion of Peace reported:

“Africa and the Arab world are ready to back and finance Barack Obama as long as he helps the oppressed populations”, said the Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi, calling however on the US democratic presidential candidate to not always defend Israel at all costs, as all American presidents have done so far.

Kadhafi, speaking in occasion of the 38th anniversary of the expulsion of the Americans from an old base near Tripoli, also urged the government of Tel Aviv to accept the prospective of cohabiting “with the Palestinians in one state” that could be called ‘Israstine’ (also ‘Isratine’, according to another version).

Earlier this week, Gaddafi said that Obama was either ignorant of the Middle East conflict or lying. In the end, this did not sway his decision to endorse.

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