"Fruitcake" Obama Attacks Christian Leader Dobson– Questions His Honesty!

This won’t rank as one of the more brilliant moves by the world’s smartest fittest man:

After Christian leader Dr. James Dobson lambasted Barack Obama’s “fruitcake” interpretation of the Bible in a recording for “Focus on the Family” on Tuesday (Audio-Video Here), Barack Obama lashed out at the the Christian psychologist later in the day.
Obama questioned Dr. Dobson’s honesty saying:

“(He was) just making stuff up, maybe for his own purposes.”

Efluxmedia reported:


Barack Obama responded, on Tuesday, during an informal session with reporters aboard a flight from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, that anyone writing about the dispute should read his entire speech first and accused Focus on the Family leader of twisting the speech on religion he gave in 2006. “Any notion that I was distorting the Bible in that speech, I think would be — someone would be pretty hard pressed to make that argument,” Obama said.

Among other things, Dr. Dobson attacked Obama for his outrageous remarks on activist preachers:
(56 Seconds)

This is what Barack Obama said in that 2006 speech in question:

“No matter how religious they may or may not be, people are tired of seeing faith used as a tool of attack. They don’t want faith used to belittle or to divide. They’re tired of hearing folks deliver more screed than sermon. Because in the end, that’s not how they think about faith in their own lives.”

For being so brilliant, attacking conservative Christian Dobson was not one of the Messiah’s better moves. Does Obama really want to awaken the conservative Christian base?

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UPDATE: It’s not over yet!
Parables of a Prodigal World has the latest on the Obama-Dobson slugfest.

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