Flood Waters Come Rolling Into St. Louis

Welcome to St. Louis!

The flood waters are rolling into St. Louis.

The statue of Lewis and Clark located by the west end of the Eads Bridge near Laclede’s Landing in St. Louis is a popular attraction of tourists visiting the St. Louis riverfront. (Flickr)

But, not today:

All that is visible it the very tip of the hat of the statue out in the river. The Mississippi River is already well above its normal level.


Missouri communities are bracing for flood levels that may exceed the great flood of 1993.
The Post-Dispatch reported:

Some crests upriver from St. Louis could approach records set in 1993.

In the towns of Canton, Hannibal, Clarksville, Grafton and others, volunteers and residents struggled, some working around the clock, to erect sandbag walls and raise levees in time for the crests, expected Thursday or Friday.

Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, who is acting governor as Gov. Matt Blunt is out of state, pleaded for volunteers to help communities in northeastern Missouri.

The Mississippi at St. Louis was at 32.9 feet Saturday, and is expected to crest Friday at 39.4 feet, also 10 feet lower than in 1993.

The President’s Casino near Laclede’s Landing is closed since the river road is already underwater.

Here is another view of Eads Bridge. You can tell from the first picture in this post that the Mississippi River is already very high here in St. Louis.

** If you would like to help those thousands of people suffering from this horrible flood in Iowa the Des Moines Register has a list of of ways you can help.

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