Dem Operative Beckel Calls Conservative Bloggers "Crackers"

Democratic operative Bob Beckel called bloggers “crackers” on the FOX News Strategy Room.
He was ranting about conservative bloggers repeating the rumor about the Michelle Obama “whitey” tape– a rumor that he started.

Charles Johnson caught it- Lizardoid posted it:



I know you’re shocked to see this racist hatred coming from the Left.
Keep it classy democrats.

Back on June 3, 2008 Bob Beckel told the FOX News audience that a big shoe was about to drop and that it had something to do with Michelle Obama (the dreaded “whitey” tape).
The blogosphere went wild over this rumor he started.

Today Beckel said that whoever started that rumor should be banned from television:
(19 seconds)

Bob Beckel:

Any legitimate reporter who legitimizes this by asking questions who can’t- have any evidence to back it up ought to “shut up!”


Michelle Malkin says it is time to fight old media smears.

UPDATE: The gay sex rumor is back in the news.

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