Bush Announces Withdrawal of 30,000 US Troops From Iraq (In Victory)

“It’s in our interests little girls go to school in Afghanistan. It’s in our interests that there be free elections in Iraq. And it’s in our interests that we help these governments survive.”

President George W. Bush
Press Conference with United Kingdom Prime Minister Brown
June 16, 2008

Congratulations winners!

A U.S. Army Soldier gets a lift from an Iraqi boy and his mule on Route Douglas in the Jamilla Market in the Sadr City district of Baghdad, June 9, 2008. (U.S. Army photo by Tech. Sgt. Cohen A. Young, MNF-Iraq)

That’s strange?… For some odd reason this news didn’t make any headlines in America today. …Hmm.
However, the Iraqi news service Aswat Al-Iraq reported this historic news:


U.S. President George Bush on Monday announced the withdrawal of 30,000 troops by July, highlighting that any further withdrawal of the troops will depend on the security conditions in the country.

This came during a joint press conference with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in London.

The U.S. president linked any further withdrawal of U.S. forces with the improvement of Iraqi forces’ capabilities and their abilities to bear more responsibilities, as well as the economic improvement and more progress regarding political reconciliation.

“This strategy aims at handing Iraqis more responsibilities,” Bush said.
For his part, Brown denied any impact of the political argument on his government’s stance.

“There is a work to do in Iraq and we will continue our work,” Brown added, stressing that he would not outline any time table for British forces withdrawal.

More… Ace has the Iraq quote of the day from the AP:

“Those positive signs are attracting little attention in the United States.”

The MSM has reduced its coverage of the war by ninety-two percent over the past year, conveniently since the US has been winning the war, and AP blames the lack of public attention on the public itself.

UPDATE: Jammie Wearing Fool sees a possible redeployment of troops to Chicago.

Democracy Project believes Obama is interfering with the US-Iraq agreement that the Democrats do not want because it makes too much sense .

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