Breaking: Hillary Will Hold Delegates Until the DNC Convention!

She Ain’t Giving Them Up & She Ain’t Going Away

Bummer for Bambi… Mary Boergers, a former Maryland State Senator and a pledged Clinton delegate, dispelled the rumors that Hillary Clinton had released her delegates to Barack Obama, via No Quarters and Rezko Watch:

I was on that conference call and there was nothing in Hillary’s comments to indicate that she was releasing her delegates and urging them to vote for Obama on the first vote in Denver. In fact what Harold Ikes said was that the campaign would like to keep Hillary’s delegates together so that she can more effectively fight for issues like universal health care to make sure it is included in the party platform.

This seems like deliberate misinformation. (Sound familiar!)

One of the super delegates who was in London in fact complained about the strong arm pressure from the Obama campaign to immediately (last Friday before Hillary’s speech) switch their vote to Obama.

So to me the strategy is clear. The Obama folks want to try and prevent us from nominating Hillary at the convention and voting for her at the convention. We need to STOP this. Historically losing candidates always have their names put into nomination, give a great speech and then there is a roll call vote. The presumptive nominee gets the majority and then there may be a call to make it unanimous.

We need to make sure that people are aware of this procedure. Once again the Obama people are trying to change the rule of the game, pretending that they were always the rules in order to push Hillary aside. We must keep them from succeeding.

Liberal Hillary supporter Taylor Marsh misreported on Tuesday that Hillary had released her delegates to Obama.

If you are wondering why the Hillary supporters are so upset–
Go to PUMA PAC’s “1,000 Reasons Puma Democrats Are Protesting the 2008 Presidential Election

This PAC was setup so that disgruntled Hillary supporters could vent on why they are protesting the DNC and the DNC convention in August.
Via No Quarters

Fire up the stove, Nahanni– It’s popcorn time again.

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