Black Youths Attack Bus Full of Jewish Toddlers

This is pretty sickā€¦
4 black teens were arrested on hate crime charges for attacking a bus of Jewish toddlers. They yelled epithats while they smashed the windows of the bus.
The New York Times and LGF Quick Links reported:

Four teenagers have been arrested on hate crime charges for throwing rocks at a school bus full of Jewish toddlers in a Brooklyn neighborhood with a volatile racial history, the police said on Friday.

The police said that three girls and one boy yelled epithets as they broke windows on the bus in Crown Heights last month. The children in the bus were not hurt. The teenagers arrested are black; each is 14.

The case is part of a string of events that have recently stirred tensions among black and Jewish residents in Crown Heights. Others episodes have included an assault on a black college student and an attack on an Orthodox Jewish teenager.

Maybe if they called Al Sharpton, he could help?

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