Barack Obama: Wrong On Iraq- Wrong On Haditha

If it were up to Barack Obama America would have surrendered Iraq, a violent bloodbath would have ensued. Not even the possibility of a genocide was reason enough for Obama to keep US troops in Iraq.

Thank goodness Barack Obama did not get his way.
Today Iraq is a great success story thanks to the Bush Surge:

** Al-Qaeda in Iraq is at its weakest state since the US invasion in 2003.
** 6,000 Al-Qaeda fighters have died in Iraq
** US fatalities continue to decline to all-time lows
** Sectarian attacks and deaths in Baghdad have decreased by more than 90%
** Al-Qaeda in Iraq is even reporting a 94% drop in attacks.


Maybe this explains why Iraq news coverage has declined 92% in the last year?

* * * * *

Likewise, Barack Obama was wrong on Haditha.

When asked about the Haditha incident in June 2006 on Hannity and Colmes, Barack Obama joined with rat John Murtha who said that US troops had killed innocents “in cold blood.
Obama sided with his fellow antiwar Democratic colleague:

Colmes: Did Murtha say that in the right way?

Obama: You know, I don’t have the exact quotes in front of me. What I know is here is a guy who served our country. I would never second guess John Murtha… I think he’s somebody who knows of which he speaks.

Isn’t Barack Obama a lawyer?
Certainly he should know about the presumption of innocence?… You’d think so, anyway.
Or, maybe this is just the typical Far Left stance on opposing the US military and might?

Obama owes the Haditha Marines an apology!

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