Vets for Freedom Ad Asks: "Sen. Obama If You Will Meet With Iran Why Won't You Meet With the Troops?"

On April 8, 2008 two dozen Illinois members of “Vets For Freedom” a nonpartisan group of combat veterans dedicated to educating the American public on the importance of achieving success in Afghanistan and Iraq, went to Barack Obama’s Senate office. Senator Obama was unwilling to meet with them. He was in his office, just wouldn’t come out.

Yesterday, General Petraeus was back on Capitol Hill to testify before Congress. Senator Barack Obama was there too, but not for long. He stayed in the committee meeting long enough to ask one question, before ducking out to head back to the campaign trail.

Today Vets For Freedom released a new ad asking:
“Senator Obama, if you are so willing to meet with Iran, why won’t you meet with our troops?”

Sergeant Anderson in this internet ad was one of the 12 veterans denied a meeting with Senator Obama. And like his fellow veterans, Sergeant Anderson would like to ask Senator Obama a few questions: Why hasn’t he met with General Petraeus? And why won’t he visit Iraq? And why would Senator Obama rather talk about meeting—unconditionally—with Iran, instead of meeting with veterans and commanders? America deserves to know.


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