US Withdraws 3rd Surge Brigade of 3,500 Troops From Free Iraq

Here Is Today’s Good News From Free Iraq…
(You may have missed this in the mainstream news reports.)

The US Military announced today that it will shortly withdraw 3,500 soldiers who were deployed in Iraq as part of the controversial “surge” in February last year.

U.S. Army Warrant Officer Leslie “Scott” Henry fishes in a lake surrounding a former palace of Saddam Hussein at the U.S. headquarters Camp Victory in western Baghdad April 13, 2008. Henry is an experienced fisherman who helps other soldiers learn how to fish at the Baghdad Angler’s Club and School of Flyfishing set up by U.S. troops. (REUTERS/Peter Graff)

Iraqi-American Haider Ajina sent the following translations from Iraqi Buratha News.

On May 5, 2008, Shiite Instructor Saied Yassin Almusawi says there are religious leaders who are destroying the religion (Islam):

Said Yassin Al-Musawi (Shiite religious Teacher) said; there is a group which seeks to destroy the religion and sect, by wearing scholarly robes (similar as saying ‘a man of the cloth’). This came in a lecture to an ethics class at the Imam Mehdi School of Religion (Shiite Muslim Advanced education in Nejaf Iraq, those who graduate will be religious ministers etc.).

‘A student entering the religious school has one of two goals, he said. The student either has a worldly goal or a ‘hereafter’ goal. The worldly goal is to attract attention to the student to become a center of attention and respect (power). This is the wrong goal and has a negative effect on the school and the religion. Some of these irresponsible students wear the robe of scholars to destroy the religion and sect, as we can whiteness in these times. The second goal however is that of the ‘hereafter’. A student pursues this goal not craving worldly matters or what comes from them. But he studies to serve and be close to God almighty and serve man kind to receive God’s favor at the end of time, instead seeking worldly favors. This goal will lead him to nothing but peaceful and generous deeds.

Further in the lecture Almusawi advised the class to strive for God almighty, and to rid them selves from personal agendas. For this is the way to obtain enlightenment and truth.

Iraqi businessmen attend the Rebuild Iraq 2008 exhibition in Amman May 5, 2008, where companies are showcasing products and services to seek a foothold in the Iraqi market. (REUTERS/Ali Jarekji)

And, Haider Ajina also translated this news from Iraq

An article of May 1, 2008:

‘International Human Rights Institute graduates it first class of Iraqi officers’.

The International Human rights Institute graduated it first class of Iraqi officers in Naseriah province. They were taught the Geneva Convention, armed conflict resolution and the four protocols of human rights. This seminar took two weeks. Attendees were a mix of twenty four officers from rank of lieutenant to lieutenant colonel. In addition, a number of military school teachers from the fourth military academy and officers from the Australian and Rumanian forces.

The main focuses of the seminar is human rights, human understanding, knowledge of non violent conflict resolution, complying with disarming treaties and use of this in civilian settings. This seminar is very important in Military law and teaching. The seminar was given by Miss Braus and flight lieutenant colonel Salvatore Lanu from San Rimo Italy and other human rights law specialists. Brigadier General Habib Alhusieni attended the distribution of seminar certificates and spoke to the press. He said this seminar informs and educates attendees about the preservation of human rights and dealing with out laws and to increase the awareness of the rule of law to the military. This seminar was sponsored by the multinational forces to support and improve the logistics and training of Iraqi forces. We hope of many more such seminars in the future said Brigadier Alhusieni . These types of seminars help our country. The Brigadier thanked flight lieutenant colonel Selvatori Lanu and his group.

Haider Ajina comments:

The first article reports that religious leaders in Iraq, and especially those educating the new generation of religious scholars, are loudly condemning violence. They condemn those who espouse religious leadership and use it to destroy what Islam stands for. Almusawi warns of using religion for selfish and unholy reasons. This is a clear condemnation of Shiite and Sunni Takfiries who spread hatred and violence on the land in the name of Islam, to only serve their hunger for power. These teachings are not a surprise. The vocalization and condemnation of those who are distorting and destroying the religion is. With political oppression lifted and free speech celebrated in Iraq (thanks to our men and women serving in Iraq) Islam can flourish and blossom to the religion it truly is. Islam teaches that of all man kind are either siblings in religion or siblings in humanity.

The second article reports on the extra attention the Iraqi military is giving to human rights and the rule of law and the fair treatment of outlaws. These types of seminars and courses have to be reiterated and regularly taught. The philosophy of the armed forces of Iraq has to be radically changed from one that historically oppresses and controls to one that serves and protects. Not only do the military have to learn this, also the people of Iraq. Iraqis are just getting used to the idea that the men and women in Iraqi uniforms are there to serve and protect and enforce the rule of law. Most Iraqis in survey after survey say they trust the U.S. Military first, The Iraqi military second and a distant third is the Iraqi government. How many other Middle Eastern or Arab countries can show such survey results?

Haider Ajina

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