Uribe Acts In Good Faith- Unfortunately He's Dealing With Nancy Pelosi

American ally Colombia has taken extraordinary steps in working towards a free trade agreement with America.
Unfortunately, the Pelosi Democrats have taken extraordinary steps to block this trade agreement with America’s closest ally in South America.

Colombian former paramilitary commanders (L-R) Rodrigo Tovar (alias Jorge 40), Diego Fernando Murillo Bejaraon (alias Don Berna) and Salvatore Mancuso, are seen in separate file photos. Colombia extradited on May 13, 2008, 14 top former paramilitary bosses, including these three, to face U.S. justice in the toughest measure against the warlords who are accused of drug trafficking and massacres, a top government official said. (REUTERS)

Colombian President Uribe called Pelosi’s bluff.
The Wall Street Journal reported:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s main excuse for trying to kill the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement is that Colombian President Álvaro Uribe winks at atrocities by his country’s illegal paramilitary groups. The charge has always been false, and yesterday Mr. Uribe proved it by extraditing 14 “para” leaders to the U.S.

The 14 include major paramilitary leaders who have been engaged in a long struggle against FARC terrorists. Mr. Uribe has been fighting the FARC even as he has tried to reduce violence by the “paras,” who have sometimes been complicit in killing trade unionists. The 14 have been serving time in Colombian prisons for various offenses and are wanted in the U.S. for drug trafficking. They had been arrested under a Justice and Peace law that allowed them to avoid extradition if they agreed to certain conditions.

But Mr. Uribe said yesterday that the 14 had failed to honor those commitments, which included compensating their victims. The popular two-term president said some of them were continuing to run criminal gangs from prison, and so they were put on Drug Enforcement Agency aircraft for the flight to face trial in the U.S.

Illegal gangs and paramilitary groups remain a problem in the Colombian countryside, a legacy of the state’s long failure to stop FARC depredations. Mr. Uribe has done more to reduce violence, from both right and left, than any president in modern Colombian history.

Since pro-American President Alvaro Uribe has been in office Colombian homicides are down by 40%, kidnappings are down by 83% and terrorist attacks are down by 76%.
But, for some reason, this has not been good enough for Nancy Pelosi and Congressional Democrats. (WSJ and White House)

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