Torched Koran a Baghdad Scam?

Miracle of Miracles…

Yesterday it was pointed out
Although an entire car interior– including seats, doors, dash and windows— were completely blown apart and melted away down to the springs and metal frames…
Miraculously, the Holy Koran was only lightly singed during a bomb blast.

An Iraqi youth picks-up a partially burnt Koran from a burnt vehicle destroyed during the overnight fighting in the impoverished Shiite Muslim district of Sadr City in Baghdad. (AFP/Wissam al-Okaili)

Iraqi photographer Wissam al-Okaili captured this miraculous picture from Sadr City.

Well, it wasn’t the first time that Wissam al-Okali pulled off this stunt.
He also did it in November 2006.

18 months ago: An Iraqi army soldier holds burnt pages of the holy Koran found at the scene of a car bomb attack in the Qahira district of northern Baghdad, 09 November 2006. A campaign of concerted bombings ripped through Baghdad’s markets today as attacks across Iraq killed at least 27 people leaving little doubt that a brief hiatus in the violence earlier in the week was over. AFP PHOTO/WISSAM AL-OKAILI (Photo credit should read WISSAM AL-OKAILI/AFP)
Hat Tip Crosspatch

And, Wissam pulled it off again in April 2007…

Een verkoolde koran is uit een autowrak ‘gered’ na een zoveelste bomaanslag in Bagdad.afp

More… It’s not the first time that Wissam al-Okali’s work has come into question.

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