Top Iranian Cleric: "Feminists Are Whores"

An Iranian cleric called feminists whores and foreign spies out to destabilize the regime.
AKI reported:

A top Iranian cleric from the northeast, Ayatollah Ahmad Elmalhoda, has reportedly called feminists “whores and foreign spies”.

“These whores, clutching a piece of paper in their hands to gather signatures, are working for foreign powers and want to destabilise the Islamic Republic,” said Elmalhoda.

He is the highly influential prayer leader in the northeastern holy Shia city of Mashad.

Elmalhoda has called on the government to “intervene decisively against these whores, because it is improper to leave them to act with impunity.”

Ayatollah Ahmad Elmalhoda seems to have some issues.

Last month he said that unveiled women turn men into beasts.

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