There She Blows… Hillary Supporter Erupts in DC– "McCain Will Be Next President!"

This outraged Hillary supporter from New York did not agree with the party elites today in Washington DC who essentially gave the party nomination to Obama today:

Hillary supporter explodes:

“The Democrats are throwing the election away. For what?… An inadequate black male?… I’m no second class citizen. And, G-d d-amn the Democrats!… Our democratic party threw us down the tubes. McCain will be next president on the United States!”

Wow! Another Hillary supporter shows the interviewer some wicked bruises after being dragged from the event for chanting, “Denver! Denver!”
“Those party elites have given us 2 winners in 40 years. The party elites suck!”

…Pass the popcorn, Nahanni.


UPDATE: (Sunday) The New York Times has more on the cagefight from yesterday:

As the votes on the agreements were taken, one woman, wearing a blue “Team Hillary” shirt, shoved a man in a suit and tie wearing a small Obama button on his lapel. Another woman in a white Clinton shirt hung her head in her hands.

“That was a crime!” a man shouted.

“McCain in ’08! McCain in ’08!” a woman yelled from the back of the room. “No-bama! No-bama!”

Joshua, below in the comments, picked a Dylan classic to play as background music.

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